Most of these won't surprise you, maybe some will.
  1. The List App (obviously)
    Super excited about this. I feel like it's a cool combination of buzzfeed and Twitter.
  2. Instagram
    Specifically for following celebrities or showing off your life. #blessed.
  3. Snapchat
    Has become a new personal favorite after they introduced the cool filters. Now you can look even more stupid making faces in public.
  4. Apple's News App
    They let you customize what type of news you want to get, and put it all in one neat app. Pretty great if you want to be informed. Or if you want to pretend to be.
  5. IMDB
    I mostly use IMDB for obsessively following Jennifer Lawrences's flawless career, but it is also great for looking up that actor in that movie that you can't quite recall at the moment. You just go to IMDB, look up whatever bit you remember, and scream to your friends, "Joseph Gordon-Levitt!" In fact, I used IMDB to figure out how to spell Joseph Gordon-Levitt just now.
  6. Venmo
    The future of payment is here. You can request or pay money without dealing with a wallet. Now your friends have no excuse not to pay you back immediately.
  7. Buzzfeed
    Everything about Buzzfeed is fantastic, including its app.
  8. Rainy Mood
    Do you need to relax? Are you also one of those strange people who love rainy days? Get this app, add Ella Fitzgerald, be happy.
  9. Plant Nanny
    If you're like me, you want to be healthy and drink lots of water, but you forget. Now you have the guilt of a dying plant to motivate you.