In quotes because I cannot run for more than 5 minutes at a time and I end up doing intervals (this is a new high, of which I am actually very proud).
  1. Ok, let's begin with a fast walk. I'll ease into it!
  2. I should've started running by now, oops
  3. Ok here I go! I already don't like it
  4. Not so bad actually. Nicki Minaj to the rescue
  5. No I take it back. It's bad.
  6. Can people tell I'm about to die?
  7. Did anyone see me trip just now?
  8. How has this girl next to me been running this entire time??
  9. My leggings are falling down...but if I try to pull them up I might trip?
  10. Is my mascara running all over my face?
  11. Ugh only 2 seconds have passed since I last looked at the clock-how is this possible??
  12. This is worth it right?
  13. Am I about to fall off of the treadmill? I am.
  14. Ok. 29 minutes down...I should go for 40 shouldn't I...Nope can't do it.
  15. Just 45 secs left...30, 25,20,15,10...I basically did it!! Done.
  16. Can you have a heart attack at 20 years old?
  17. No ragrets :)