1. "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'"
  2. "Penny & Me"
    The music video featured Samaire Armstrong at the height of her " O.C." fame. Sadly, it's apparently not on YouTube. https://youtu.be/fyaZUCLNbew
  3. "Give A Little"
    https://youtu.be/56VPiS8dPDE (Let's all note that this music video was made three years before "Shake It Off.")
  4. "Get The Girl Back"
    Classic Hanson harmonies. And a solid horn section. 🎷 https://youtu.be/zh8mQU-tNyM
  5. "Wake Up"
    Bonus points for being from the soundtrack for "The Princess Diaries." 👑 https://youtu.be/eQtQdTsPJMs
  6. "Already Home"
  7. "Lost Without Each Other"
    It's a prime example of Taylor Hanson's sometimes lax enunciation, but it sure is catchy. https://youtu.be/HW9n7bGjqAA
  8. "Kiss Me When You Come Home"
  9. "If Only"
    This song did get some love during TRL's heyday. It's also the most extensive use of harmonica in Hanson's discography. https://youtu.be/q8OVgc-xXlI
  10. "Lost Without You"
    Power ballad, Hanson style. https://youtu.be/3E8EAM9qlKM