1. On the street after 11PM.
    There's such a beautiful mystery involved with this setting. What's she doing? Does she know what you're doing? Oh shit she's looking back at you. Let's just stare at the sidewalk.
  2. In the elevator.
    You're on the 21st floor and have some ways to go. The elevator stops one floor down and there she is - a bombshell. Sure she's gorgeous, but so is the tile flooring.
  3. At a concert
    Whoah. She's pretty AND has a similar taste in music? I could talk to her, but I have a feeling my favorite song might play soon. Also, look at how green the grass is.
  4. At CVS
    Wow. That's a fine specimen. Don't look or she'll know you're weak. Use the self-checkout so she knows you're a man who takes initiative.
  5. In Class
    Does she see all the notes you're taking? You're going to be a CEO one day, no doubt about it. Is she asking for a pencil? Doesn't matter. Play hard to get.