Why everyone should visit Savannah, Georgia

It's my last night here and then back to Ohio so I want to discuss some of the reasons I fell instantly in love with this place.
  1. The trees.
    They are like this everywhere. They are look like something from and enchanted forest, both magical and potentially creepy.
  2. The architecture.
    This place is gorgeous all around. The old and new just blend together seamlessly.
  3. The history.
    There are stories everywhere and historic places on every corner.
  4. The squares downtown.
    They are these little patches of green and statues and they are all special and beautiful.
  5. The whole place is practically hidden in a forest.
    You cross a big bridge over a shipyard to get into town. From the bridge you can only see a handful of buildings and then just trees everywhere. It looks like there's no city there at all. But that is wrong. The whole city is hidden by those magical trees. It's amazing. I've never seen anything like it.
  6. Tybee Island
    There's a very good chance that once I'm back in Ohio I'm going to spend a lot of time thinking about running away to this island which is about 20 minutes from town. There are miles of marshes you drive through to get there which just adds to the magical quality of the whole area.
  7. The food.
    Seriously, I've not had a bad meal here.
  8. The people.
    Everyone is really friendly and welcoming.
  9. The sights.
    Today went to Bonaventure Cemetery which was beautiful and then to St. John's cathedral which was so stunning that I almost cried when we opened the doors and I'm an atheist.
  10. The weather.
    Perfection. At this time of year it's glorious but you'll still burn quick if you're vampire pale like me.