1. JAN Started Work with a US based startup
  2. FEB rubyfuza. Invited to give a talk at rubyfuza, south africa.
    Also my first trip alone abroad. Had travelled abroad before with family. This was a whole new experience.
  3. APRIL started working with @dev on listapp
    Its been 9 months!!!
  4. MAY drop a huge emotional baggage. Also moved to chennai.
  5. AUGUST started a company (f22labs) with @x
    We were earlier planning to name it flying penguins. But then @x talked some sense into me. Sounded more like a circus.
  6. SEPTEMBER joined a gym
  7. OCT skip gym most days.
    Blame it on @dev
  8. NOV also start working with @eric
    Helping him build his startup.
  9. DEC lose a very close friend. To marriage 😜
    @niyando got married. Still cant believe it!