Books Every Software Developer Should Read

Looking for suggestions. @charlie @blake please add books you've read. 🙏
  1. The Mythical Man Month by Fred Brooks
    Old school but still many good points
    Suggested by   @charlie
  2. Masters of Doom
    Cool but sad story of the team that made Doom and Quake and then broke up
    Suggested by   @charlie
  3. The goal: a process of continuing improvement
    How production processes work and how to optimize them or "how to stop worrying and steadily migrate toward kanban"
    Suggested by   @douglasjsellers
  4. Object oriented software construction by Bertrand Meyer
    The first few hundred pages are the best easily accessible theoretical foundation to the construction of largish systems that I've read
    Suggested by   @douglasjsellers
  5. Refactoring: improving the design of existing code
    Amongst the best books for mid level engineers with lots of conceptual as well as practical examples. Everyone uses the word refactoring but doesn't really totally get it until they have read this (refactoring does not mean rewrite)
    Suggested by   @douglasjsellers