Some of the millions I've broken
  1. I'll be there by 11. Promise.
    Its 1 pm and I'm having lunch at home. Happens most days. Sorry @x
  2. I'm going to go through those list of articles I plan to read this weekend. Promise (to self)
    Too hungry. Too lazy. Sleep most of the weekend.
  3. I'll get the printouts today. Promise.
    Forgot.. Again. Sorry dad.
  4. I'll give a treat next week. Promise.
    Sorry bitches. @iMay @x @chandru @Bji
  5. I'll workout from tomorrow. Promise to self.
    Last night dinner was too heavy. Come on. You're not supposed to workout on a heavy(ish) stomach !
  6. I'll cleanup my cupboard. Promise.
    Where do you even start. Its a maze. Sorry mom.
  7. Laptop is getting all dirty. Ill clean you up over the weekend, baby. Promise.
    Well, i haven't taken a bath all weekend. So I guess we are even. Sorry apple.
  8. I'll get company t-shirts made this weekend. Promise.
    Again. Sorry bitches.
  9. This will fix your internet sir. Promise.
    They are not even sorry about breaking their promise.
  10. Our chicken os the juiciest. Tender(est). Promise.
    KFC nope. McD nope.
  11. 'Your call is important to us' - all customer support.
    Yea right.