I dint play much, but here are a few.
  1. Mario
    Eat/collect the good things. Skip the bad things. And you grow larger, stronger and eventually win.
  2. Contra
    Two(team) is better than one(individual). Used to play this in 2 players mode with my cousin.
  3. WWE smackdown
    When the right opportunity comes, smack down your opponent.
  4. Roadrash
    When other players are not at the same playing field, you've got to raise your playing field to match theirs. ( Cheatcodes :p )
  5. Ea sports - Fifa
    You just cant run straight in life and hit your goal. You've got to strategise, help others reach theirs (make good passes/assists ), get help from others (good opportunities created for you) and be patient and calm, coz it may take many times before you can hit your goal.