Of which, there are a tonne ...
  1. That I'm not making the most of what I am.
    And I'll never amount to anything meaningful.
  2. That I'm not helping others around me enough.
  3. That I might end up with the wrong person in life. And that she'll never understand me like someone else did.
  4. I can be really selfish at times.
  5. I can be brutally competitive.
    I think ive lost some friends coz of this. But its hard to know where to draw that line when competing. Ive never done anything shady here, mind you.
  6. My country is run by incompetent dickheads.
    Their sole objective is to find faults in the opposition. Never to do anything good for the country.
  7. But then, what am I doing for my country ?
  8. That I'll never have @niyando's tea again.
  9. That on the judgement day I'd find myself on the wrong side.
  10. That Im too hard on myself.
  11. That Im more depressed than I used to be.
  12. That this list would go unappreciated.
  13. That i worry about things like this list getting appreciated.