There aren't many. And it mostly involves assholes ( sometimes including me ), so you're safe !
  1. People not following traffic
    Hey asshole, Its a fucking red light. Didn't they teach you red means stop ?
  2. Internet issues
    Yes. Its 2015. And we have this huge 'make in india' campaign inviting foreign companies to get stuff built in india. BUT HOW ? YOU MOFOS ! PROVIDE DECENT SPEED CONSISTENT INTERNET FIRST, without me having to sell my kidney for it.
  3. Food
    I'm hungry. And i can't get food to eat. Coz its too late. Or the delivery will take an hour. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT? MY FUCKING FINGERS ?
  4. Well, thats it. Im chill otherwise. Or driving @x @niyando @iMay @balaji @dev godzilla angry.