1. Research a bit about the person before you LR them
    @dev and @bjnovak and @LevNovak and others have mentioned what kind of lists they want to write in their profile. So use that info.
  2. Read a lot of lists the person has written to get an idea of the content they are producing. And ask them for similar lists.
    I found out @LevNovak lists about rap, and j bombarded him one morning with 4-5 rap related lists.
  3. If you do not know the person, avoid personal LRs
    Definition of personal varies. But you get the point.
  4. Do not touch any pain points
    Example : If someone's sulking from their breakup, avoid LRing them for lists related to relationships, sex, previous bfs/gfs etc
  5. Be patient
    A lot of people here get a lot of LRs. @bjnovak might have a lot of PRs he's drafting atm. He'll get to yours, soon. ish.