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I don't want to my List App secret Santa to make a fruitless visit to my page, so here are a few lists I would like to make
  1. Twitter no no's: a continuation of my AP literature speech
    No tweets about your healthy lifestyle or relationship problems. No tweets that are encrypted.
  2. Calling out the phonies: my Holden Caulfield impression
    He wanted me to see that he was politically active because he could recap the entire democratic debate. That killed me.
  3. I didn't mean to sound pretentious: a clarification of my last list
    I'm not politically active either!
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  1. Jokes with the premise that Al Gore invented the Internet
  1. Tag BJ in every post on all social media platforms
  2. Reach out to Mindy Kaling to enlist her assistance
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With Christmas around the corner, here is what I have been worrying about
  1. Enter relatives, presents in hand
  2. Notice abundance of presents marked with your name
  3. Salivate at thought of new merchandise
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