At the moment. Hopefully more to come (and to go)!
  1. David Price
    Finally, a top 5 big league ACE! Exorbitantly overpaid, but irrelevant in the short term
  2. Clay Buchholz
    He'll be solid for 3 months, steadily decline, then be DL'd for remainder of season with shoulder inflammation or some bull shit like that
  3. Eduardo Rodriguez
    Great #3 with plenty of #2 upside
  4. Rick Porcello
    Highest paid #4/5 SP in the game; turned it around towards end of last year, will be fine in lesser role in 2016
  5. Wade Miley / Joe Kelly / Henry Owens
    Miley the epitome of average, but highest paid of the three and probably least suited for BP. I like Kelly the most but likely best suited for BP. Not sure what to expect from Owens, was not wowed by performance in 2015