(As per John's request because he's not vain at all.)
  1. He knows who SafetySuit is.
    For the record, the moment I realized this was the same moment I realized we would be best friends.
  2. We are each other's designated beer pong partners.
  3. He picked up and moved across the country to follow his dreams (pretty inspirational, tbh).
  4. He's sentimental in all the best ways.
    Think: friendsgiving, everyone drunk around a bonfire, John giving us each a small speech about why he loves us.
  5. He's a very supportive Twitter follower about once a month.
  6. He's always there to listen to your problems and gives the best advice when he can.
  7. He was the only person willing to drive two hours away with me to get my ID when I left it somewhere.
    Not to mention he didn't complain at all when we got there and they were closed, so I couldn't even get it.
  8. He exclusively gives bear hugs. I've never had a gentle hug from John.... ever.
  9. We take really adorable pictures.