Originally "5 Things I've Been Into This Month," written in August 2016. Now will be my equivalent of "into it"
    Really enjoyed this film, which was written and directed by Mike Birbiglia. Allows for so many different perspectives. Even if you didn't like Sleepwalk With Me, I would still highly recommend this one. http://dontthinktwicemovie.com/
  2. Mayura
    I grew up with a special appreciation of Indian culture (most importantly, food, of course), as my uncle married into the Bhatt family, who treated his blood as its own. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have great Indian food often these days, but I love this place, and I found myself there multiple times this month.
  3. Bitmoji
    From here, @olive has probably been the greatest victim of my obsession. I now struggle to use my words.
  4. Purebliss antioxidant mask
    I was looking for something with lactic acid specifically, and this stuff is great. Very gentle and doesn't dry out my skin (although, I do make sure to use moisturizer with it).
  5. Bossypants audiobook
    I enjoyed listening to this audiobook even more than I enjoyed reading the book. Tina Fey on Tina Fey.
  6. D's Naturals Mint Cocao Chip No Cow Bar for breakfast
    High protein. High fiber. Mint is tasty and gives a refreshing burst to the start of the day.
  7. MagicLight Pro Bluetooth Smart LED Lightbulb
    My bedroom is LIT (pun genuinely not intended)
  8. Text message stickers aka another way for me to communicate without using my words
    Yes, that is a chicken nugget
  9. Maca powder
    I have in fact noticed a couple of the effects, but I'm into it mostly because of the taste/flavor it adds
  10. DD OB K Cups
    What I drink every day (black, through a straw). I've been into this for a long time but adding now because Blonde Molly is going to Boston/NY and will still be going to Starbucks because she HAAAATES Dunkin coffee because she is trash
  11. J Crew Pixie pants
  12. Static
  13. Adidas Neo Racer Slip-On Shoes
    Cloudfoam footbed is 💯
  14. Matt Donaher
    Been a fan for a while, but just rewatched something that made me LOL. Amazing joke writer. He's one of my go-to's of comics to watch.
  15. Barns Courtney
    Fanhood came because of bae-as, stayed because of talent. On repeat: https://youtu.be/IrV90gXmOpA
  16. Ignorance Is #Blessed with Jessica Michelle Singleton (podcast)
    The only thing stand up comedian Jessica Michelle Singleton is confident she knows is that she doesn't know a damn thing. Ignorance Is #Blessed is an interview style podcast where she has guests from all walks of life on to ask them stupid questions about different aspects of their lifestyle and identity.
  17. Have a Great Day! Spotify playlist
    "Feel great with these timelessly fun songs!"