they're all good though @ UMass come to our shows on Tuesdays at 7:30 next week we are in MAPLE
  1. The RPO
    this is such a well-written piece to begin with and then Ian, Mariah, Sheyla, Rout, and Devyn are just really amazing and dynamic tbh
  2. Girls Like Us
    I think about Justin's monologue every damn day
  3. How It's Done
    when it's done well this is a really powerful piece and feels like a great slam poem
  4. Where Do We Go?
    this piece was pretty meh but Chioma's addition makes it powerful and extremely relevant I almost cried doing it today!!
  5. The Color of Happiness
    heartbreaking!!! so important!!!! I love Ritika
  6. Sandwich Scene
    not to toot my own horn but this scene addresses the savior complex problem so well
  7. Fight, Flight, Freeze
    this scene makes me so sad I can hardly bear to watch it. I think I've seen it maybe twice.
  8. National Anthem
    Sam, Ian, and Justin do a great job with the singing but it feels really trite (I think I've seen it before??)
  9. One Liners
    gives me anxiety and I'm not sure if I like it!!!