i was thinking this would be therapeutic but now i worry it's just stressing me out further
  1. my bus doesn't come
  2. my bus comes and i miss it
  3. the bus comes and i don't miss it but it immediately catches on fire
  4. i can't find the shuttle to bva
  5. there is no shuttle to bva
  6. the shuttle breaks down and is late to the airport and i miss my flight
  7. i miss my flight because i'm not paying attention
  8. my flight doesn't come
  9. my flight is cancelled
  10. i get to morocco and the driver isn't there
  11. i get to morocco and donald trump nukes it
  12. my host family hates me
  13. i never actually paid my ciee fees and didn't actually enroll in the program
  14. good this has been awful thanks