Reid's hair is the ultimate benchmark for how much cm you've watched. not doing season 11 because I haven't gotten there yet
  1. 1.
    season 6
    I'm really into this clean-cut look. it makes him look hip and young and fun
  2. 2.
    season 5
    the boyband look!! his hair was so long before this that this was exciting
  3. 3.
    season 2
    I am so nostalgic for this tiny awkward nerd with the slicked back long locks
  4. 4.
    season 4
    probably the most easily distinguishable of Reid's hair throughout the seasons. so LONG
  5. 5.
    season 8
    admittedly, season 8 was a hard one for Reid. he just looks so unkempt!
  6. 6.
    season 1
    remember when he looked so young that everyone brought it up every 12 seconds?? mgg himself has said that this was his favorite look
  7. 7.
    season 7
    this picture reminds me of john krasinski before he cleaned himself up (ie, season 2 of the office)
  8. 8.
    season 3
    awkwardly in between season 2's lovable nerd and season 4's luscious locks
  9. 9.
    season 10
    not only is mgg starting to look older, his hair frames his face really strangely now
  10. 10.
    season 9
    why does this haircut make his neck look so long!!!!! why is it so uneven!!!!! I have so many questions!!!!!