this is going to be a doozy
  1. this guy who won't stop messaging me
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  2. this was actually rly funny. he ended with "will you bee my date to formal?". I said no
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  3. my tinder bio is shia labeouf's tweet "is this entertaining. is this new media. I don't understand my feet"
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  4. by the way, I'm steve
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  5. ???
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  6. I guess so hmm
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  7. this guy was over 50 and a widower
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  8. this got me 35,000 notes on tumblr
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  9. ??????
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  10. an actual forty year old man sent me these
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  11. I'm no longer interested in either cute bras or men
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  12. seemed interesting then talked about himself in third person
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  13. ?????????
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  14. this man is what made me hate dogs
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  15. yes
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  16. BIKE CO-OP ??
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  17. noooooo
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  18. this was followed up by "You Can Be Like A Lil Sister To Me"
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