this is going to be a doozy
  1. this guy who won't stop messaging me
  2. this was actually rly funny. he ended with "will you bee my date to formal?". I said no
  3. my tinder bio is shia labeouf's tweet "is this entertaining. is this new media. I don't understand my feet"
  4. by the way, I'm steve
  5. ???
  6. I guess so hmm
  7. this guy was over 50 and a widower
  8. this got me 35,000 notes on tumblr
  9. ??????
  10. an actual forty year old man sent me these
  11. I'm no longer interested in either cute bras or men
  12. seemed interesting then talked about himself in third person
  13. ?????????
  14. this man is what made me hate dogs
  15. yes
  16. BIKE CO-OP ??
  17. noooooo
  18. this was followed up by "You Can Be Like A Lil Sister To Me"