1. I've been waking up groggy the past two mornings
  2. Yes, part of that is because I haven't really been sleeping
    And the sleeping I have been getting has been restless
  3. But I think I'm hungover
    But not from alcohol
  4. We've been forced to consume toxins
  5. Such toxins include (but are in absolutely no way limited to):
  6. The realization that our country is too sexist to elect a more than qualified female for a position of power
    And that no one is ashamed about it
  7. That the Supreme Court (and many federal courts) are in jeopardy of being so conservative that the civil liberties we hold so dear could be gutted
    And that no one is ashamed about it
  8. That most individuals feel attacked and unsafe
    And that no one is ashamed about it
  9. That, since human rights have been so threatened, I've barely thought about the environment, which is going to take a beating beyond measure
    And that no one is ashamed about it
  10. I feel hungover.
  11. With each state that turned red, another metaphoric shot of cheap tequila
  12. Every conversation with my fellow female that started and ended with tears, more tequila
  13. Reading about the already prevalent anti-Semitic rhetoric strengthening, an IV drip of low quality tequila into my bloodstream
  14. But we must continue.
  15. After each night of overindulging on alcohol, we scream "never again" as we curse the misfortune we alone have bestowed upon ourselves
  16. This hangover is worse. Much, much worse.
    But the call to action is the same
  17. We rehydrate
  18. We get out of bed
  19. We don't let the hangover cripple us
  20. Never again.