My desk is directly in front of the office of a very nice, but veryyyyy senior attorney. I know that he's spending precisely zero time paying any attention to me, but if he did he would have a front row seat to the below.
  1. Take my shoe off to search for a pebble that got stuck in there
  2. Spill water on myself and, instead of getting up to dry myself, use my chair as a napkin
  3. Trip getting up from my desk
  4. Struggle to take my rain boots off
  5. Use a pill cutter to cut a vitamin and then struggle to swallow the pieces
  6. Messily shovel granola into my mouth
  7. Struggle to open a package of nuts
    And subsequently give up and retry over the course of like, 30 minutes until I finally jabbed the damn thing with a pen.
  8. Play Pokemon go
    Not at all frequently but when I do it's certainly not subtle.
  9. Dance