Desk decor, in no particular order

  1. Pretty Little Liars sticker
    A holiday gift from a coworker. I love the show but the fact that this was sold with a blatant typo makes me smile more than I should.
  2. Computer printout of Whitney singing the national anthem
    This picture was on the wall of the intern office when I interned here years ago. When we switched buildings earlier this year, I couldn't bare the thought of Whitney staying behind.
  3. Ruth is the truth bumper sticker
    Citizens United sucks, but she certainly doesn't
  4. Florida State University candle(s)
    I love my alma mater and I love etsy. I don't love that my best friend, Spencer bought these and then had to report them as counterfeit goods because of the "law" and his "job", whatever those are.
  5. Simon & Garfunkel vinyl
    The music of my soul and my most favorite work perk. You can also see my other FSU candle. Go NOLES!
  6. Tower of Terror bell
    A gift from my sister that is also a gift to the office when I accidentally run into it every 10 seconds. Shoutout to my colorful pens and herb pencils in the background which were gifted to me by my bff spencer
  7. Oh, hello playbill
    My favorite sketch from Kroll Show. It was a wonderfully funny show and a wonderfully magic day with a certain someone whose arm you can see in the picture to the left of the tunabill
  8. Today is a good day pennant
    Great job. Great life. Great motto
  9. Ok, now back to work!!
    Jk it's lunch.