How to make squash soup!!!

My go-to crock pot recipe. Easy, clean, and so so soooo fricken good
  1. Chop up onions and garlic, add to a pan, season with salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper
  2. Throw in some tomato paste and let everything cook on medium heat for a few minutes
  3. While the onions are sweating*, peel and cube a big squash
    *that's an industry term that I used incorrectly
  4. Grab a generous amount of Swiss chard* and separate the stems from the leaves
    *any dark greens will work if you can't find Swiss chard. I've used kale in a pinch
  5. Throw the onion mixture, Swiss chard stems, squash, and two cups of water into a crock pot and cook on medium low for 7ish hours
    Or 8. Or 6. Honestly, it's ready when you are.
  6. 10 minutes before dinner time, throw in the Swiss chard leaves and cover
  7. While the soup finishes cooking, cut up and toast some bread
  8. And some cheese and enjoy!!!