This is serious. Does anyone else remember any of these or did I just make them up like a lunatic?
  1. "Do you love it?" / "I love it!" / "I got it at Ross!"
    My older sister and I used to replace "love" with "hate" to sound edgy
  2. Ask how, ask now, ask Sherwin Williams
  3. Oh I wonder, wonder, what's in a wonderball?
    Product later discontinued because it was so clearly a choking hazard. Wasn't discontinued from the loop in my brain though!!!
  4. Florida center for cosmetic surgeryyyy. Just one look is worth 1000 words.
    You're having fun you're at your best, and all it too was, juuuust one look
  5. Ashleyyyy furniture home store badababadata you're gunna love this place
    I do not love this place or this jingle.
  6. Get connected, FOR FREE, at education con-nec-tion
  7. I could go on forever but the more tunes I add the more embarrassed I become at how much tv I watched/watch
    Just kidding, how could I ever be embarrassed about my one true love?
  8. "Have you heard about Betty? BETTY SPAGHETTI"
    Older sister from jungle one recommended this one. Ugh shut up Betty
  9. If you need a car, truck or van. Who ya gonna call? MAROONE!
    I guess I'm going to keep going
  10. Ohhhh ahh, Ohhhh ahhh, only at mattress giant OHHHH AHHH