My bff spencer is hanging with friends tonight. I am home alone.
  1. Hart of Dixie, season 4
    Since I have a roommate that I like hanging out with, I have to prioritize my television choices. As a result, I don't get to enjoy all of my fav stuff, which has left the final season of my beloved hart of Dixie sitting alone in my Netflix queue for a year+.
  2. Noodles and water in bed
    I eat in bed all time buuuut tonight I have more space to use as a table
  3. Friend chats
    My dear friend is watching Stranger Things and is live texting me about it. I have nothing to do but enjoy her reactions and try not to spoil anything in my responses
  4. Interneting
    So. Much. @list
  5. Ok I'm going to spend this time perfecting my popcorn m&m recipe