North Adams, Mass

My best bud Spencer and I went on a trip to North Adams, Massachusetts this weekend. Partly to see The National perform at MASS MoCa, partly to get the hell out of New York City for a while. Oh, and I guess we also went to celebrate that we are officially lawyers. Here's what I learned
  1. It's beauty is undeniable
    This town in the winter must be magical. It's quiet and quaint and you can tell that the earth is happy
  2. The town is filled with art
    It is home to what I believe is the largest contemporary museum in the country, but the art is not confined to the walls of the museum at all
  3. More art
  4. It's very tiny
    This picture is of the ENTIRE park. How loose is the definition of "park" these days? This is just a bench next to bushes. But I suppose when you take into account how small the town is, the size of the park seems more logical
  5. A brief detour to look at more street art
  6. They have a cute farmers market
    It's such a constant that it has its own sign. We bought a wooden bowl
  7. But many empty storefronts
    Unfortunately there were a lot. But maybe that's just a result of is visiting during an off peak time? All I know is that the lights were off and no one was home
  8. MASS MoCa is so lovely
    A very cool art museum filling the space of a former factory.
  9. Within a beautiful space
  10. With interesting installation pieces
    Yes, that's us in those bubbles
  11. And beautiful grounds
  12. It's a stellar place to see The National!
    Who were amazing, as usual. I bet the whole town could hear them
  13. There are worse ways to spend a weekend