Objects in my apartment

  1. Sand that was jarred in California by my bff before we were dating
  2. A picture I took in Big Sur with my 35 mm camera
  3. A bell purchased at a San Francesco flea market and simon & garfunkel
  4. Twin peaks mug that holds everything but coffee
  5. Bowl of shells from many states (but mostly Florida and California. And a full sand dollar!
  6. A moon shaped bottle that previously held liquor
  7. A pig grill turned manatee alcove
  8. A shell my mom found at the barn that she turned into a wine cork
  9. A hand carved wooden bowl from Massachusetts holding used blink 182 clips I was given after I saw them last year
  10. Sky and sea salt and pepper shakers to celebrate year 1. Purely decorative.
  11. Tulips
  12. Shark oven mit