Worries on this particular Tuesday. Some new fears, some old favorites.
  1. Is it troublesome that I'm still awake?
    Will this lack of sleep have untold ramifications tomorrow?
  2. Did I lock the door?
    Will my laziness to check that it's locked be my undoing?
  3. Was I really not feeling well earlier, or did I use it as an excuse to get out of going to the gym?
    Is my brain playing tricks on itself and am I completely unaware?
  4. Will I regret ignoring that relatives phone call?
  5. Will I regret not calling my parents more?
  6. Am I enjoying life or just going through the motions?
    Is the movie playing but I'm too busy on my phone to notice?
  7. Is everyone else asleep?
  8. Should I be worried that I can't remember anything from the child psychology class I took in 2010?
    Should I be concerned that psychology was one of my majors and I can barely remember who Pavlov is?
  9. Am I an educated human, or am I a sheep in an intellects clothing?
    Am I so out of line to refer to myself as an intellect, even to myself late at night when no one is listening?
  10. Am I thinking enough about my next career move?
    Am I thinking about it too much?
  11. Should I have taken the California bar?
  12. Will I ever find something I'm truly good at?
  13. Should I feel guilty that my heartbroken friend just asked if I was awake but I'm going to ignore her?
    Is this representative of who I am as a friend?
  14. Is the expensive kiehls face wash I bought a total rip off?
  15. Is the door locked?
  16. Is it ok that I can't sleep?