The Boss is the boss for a reason
  1. The fans
    From the fist pumps in "Badlands" to the "say say it againnnn" in "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out", we are all in it together. Even if you don't know, when the song starts, you catch on fast. Drink that cool-aid.
  2. The E Street Band
    "You've just seen...the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, house-rocking, earth-quaking, booty-shaking, testifying, death-defying, legendary E Street Band!" Enough said.
  3. The energy
    EVERYONE WANTS TO BE THERE. Every single person in the room wants to do nothing but have fun. They are on stage for 2+ hours without a break. It's amazing
  4. Bruce's stories
    I've been to two shows during The River tour where he shared two completely different, totally heartfelt stories
  5. The music
    COME ON. You've got classics ("Dancing in the Dark", "Born to Run"), deep cuts ("Jungleland", "The Ties That Bind") and new favorites ("The Rising", "Wrecking Ball"). Whether your a lyric lover or all about that beat, Bruce has got you covered