Career addition
  1. I asked my boss for a raise
  2. I didn't get the raise
    "It's hard to get HR to approve of this type of raise but I'll try my best at the end of the fiscal year" etc etc
  3. But I asked for it
  4. And I did get a few things that are, in some ways, more valuable:
  5. He doled out serious complements affirming the quality of my work product and my great reputation in the office
  6. We brainstormed ways to further my career
    Real, tangible things I can do while in my current position
  7. I'm on his radar, which is important
    We're on the same page, which is both comforting and empowering
  8. I was nervous but I did it
    I did it!!!
  9. And that's why I'm proud of myself