Mostly dumb
  1. Somm is a wonderful documentary about four men who are preparing for the very difficult exam that will determine whether or not they are awarded the coveted title of master sommelier
    The exam is administered only once a year
  2. The Bar exam is a horrifying exam that law student across the country take in their respective states. It determines who can practice law
    The exam is administered only twice a year
  3. The four men spend months preparing for the sommelier exam. They were required to know vast amounts of wine history as well as how to identify wine by taste alone.
    Some wines were described as tasting like "rubber hoses," which is fun and sounds delicious
  4. We spent months preparing for the bar exam. We were required to know a seemingly endless amount of obscure legal theories and specific laws.
    The acronym "damn car law" was used, which is confusing and sounds dumb.
  5. OBVIOUSLY there is some overlap. Which is why it was shortsighted to watch it the day before the exam
    Why would we want to watch people freak out about a really important exam the day before we take one of our own?
  6. Not all of the men in Somm passed
    Which wasnt great for moral
  7. After the movie there was a lot of silence
    But also a lot of nervous chatter
  8. Then we took the exam
  9. And a few months later we found out WE PASSED
    HELL YEAH!!!!!
  10. And just like that we were like those Somms
    It was hard. Not everyone succeeded. But we did. Perspective!!
  11. And then we drank wine