2. Although the there are 85 eclipses happening in the 21st century, we will only be able to see about 40 of them
  3. The moon goes into thermal shock when then Earth passes in front of it
    Get your blankets out if you live on the moon
  4. (If you live on the moon, plz let me know, alien friends) 👽
  5. The moon is at it's closest point to earth right now!!!!
    We are so close!!!! We can easily visit you, alien friends!!!
  6. The last time this happened, it was in 1983 (thanks @sebastian) and it won't happen again until 2033!
  7. When the moon enter's earth's full shawdow it's called "umbra"
    Which is maybe where the word umbrella came from
  8. If you catch the blood from the blood moon and drink it at 450 degrees Fahrenheit at 1:52AM you will become a werewolf
  9. Watch the eclipse! http://bit.ly/1h62j1x
  10. 🌚