1. Our courtship starts at 7:30AM, when the train is so packed that we have no choice but to cuddle next to each other
  2. He is a business man who is still fighting the man by wearing black vans with his suit
    But he'll probably change them at work, who is he kidding
  3. We touch hands *by accident* while trying to balance on the bumpy train ride
  4. I change my Spotify to a *cool* song that he also loves, which he then notices
    Because he was looking at my phone, of course
  5. "Cool song" he says
  6. "Yeah, Pavement is great" I say
  7. "Yeah" he says
  8. He continues to scroll through his phone while I put my headphones back on and keep listening to *cool music*
  9. He exits train
  10. We never speak again
  11. Who are you, train boyfriend from this morning?
  12. Bye—we had a good, long run.