People were confused.
  1. So I thought my costume was pretty straight forward and rad as hell
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    Sidenote: that picture of a turkey reading a newspaper in space was part of my friends costume as his 15-year-old self
  2. "Are you Ke$ha?"
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  3. "what are you?"
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  4. "Ke$ha!!! Such a great idea!!!!"
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  5. "I don't know who David Bowie is"
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  6. Guy trying to chat me up, even upon seeing reference photo, "I've never seen that picture before"
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  7. "Great costume!"
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  8. But luckily, all of my hope was returned when "Under Pressure" started playing
  9. And my friend emerged through the crowd as Freddie Mercury
  10. And we sang the most beautiful duet the world has probably ever heard
  11. Still not too many people knew what was going on
  12. But faith in humanity had been returned
  13. And we took some (somewhat decent) pics
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  14. I'm honestly still pretty disappointed people did not immediately recognize me as Bowie
    Damn youths