Please just make me feel better that something weirder has happened to one of you of the subway
  1. Today, a man—mid-twenties—sat across from me on the MBTA. He was wearing sunglasses and was turning a flashlight on and off directly pointing at me. He then stopped to pull out a plastic recorder and proceeded to play hot cross buns for the next 3 stops. He went back to the flashlight. This repeated until I got to my stop.
  2. A woman sitting next to me last week on a very crowded train ate about 5 pounds of those little bean sprout things that come in pork fried rice with her hands.
    No rice. Just bean sprouts. With her greasy hands.
  3. I once saw two dudes get into a fight using what looked like honest to god Karate on the Q into Brooklyn at 2 am.
    Suggested by   @Jack
  4. I was on the red line in Chicago when someone began to sing Hey Baby by Bruce Channel at the top of his lungs. Others soon joined in.
    Hey, hey baby, I wanna know, if you'll be my girl.
    Suggested by   @jakefromstatefarm
  5. I sat across the aisle from a psychotic man on the metra train who wouldn't stop talking to my friend and I.
    My friend and I were discussing our plans to drink a Zombie Dust when we returned home. Immediately this man woke from what appeared to be a nap and started shouting we have to drink it from a glass--not the bottle. He said seriously and was waving his hands all over the place. He then told us how screwed our generation was but that we seemed smart over and over and over again for the remainder of the train ride.
    Suggested by   @jakefromstatefarm
  6. I heard a man ask a blind woman if blind people can see colors...
    I was on the city bus when a man turned to a very obviously blind woman and proceeded to ask her if she could see colors. This blew my mind, people can be so bravely strange... Surprisingly, she didn't think twice before muttering "No."
    Suggested by   @taryenitup