This has to happen a lot if I want to maintain a social life while commuting to work from my hometown... Here's the shit I deal with every Friday
  1. Booking ass to the T with a bag half full of beer, 6 new shirts from Primark, and a small amount of dignity
  2. Missing the T, rattling with the promise of beer and clothes
    Will drink with victory when arriving at home
  3. Having a man's butt-length dreadlocks gently graze your thigh as you sit waiting for the next train, defeated. Meanwhile, he offers you a dime bag for a *limited time* low, low price
  4. Finishing the 3 pages you have left of @mindy 's new book on the green line, leaving you nothing to read on the red line
    I liked it so much, I finished it so fast 😔
  5. Having the entire T to yourself, which is a blessing 🙌
    I can do backflips and shit off of the handrails
  6. Staring the red line driver in the eyes at park street as she leans out the train window and shuts the doors on your arms
    RE: Carrying beers and shirts
  7. Next train comes in 20+ minutes
  8. Will I make it to my car in the burbs?
    Will it be towed from the parking lot?
  9. Will I die?
  10. Stay tuned.
  11. *update* I got to my car. A man was peeing on it in the open parking lot.
    I was one of four cars
  12. PEEING
  13. I peeled out of that bitch and got to talk to @ashleycull on the way home
  14. I came home to pizza. I feel better.