You guys make my commute so much better and more enjoyable
  1. The ones who keep their sunglasses on in the underground tunnels
    I suspect you all to be vampires
  2. The ones who are sitting, yet stare into your soul with every ounce of their being while you're standing crotch-to-eye level in front of them
  3. The ones who refuse to use headphones
    Usually, their music is really on point for my 8am train ride...really wakes me up—thanks
  4. The three guys who walk on the train and say, "LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED", scare the shit out of everyone on the T, and proceed to breakdance
    Just let me be in your crew
  5. The ones that don't pay and sneak in very obviously, and stop the T because the conductor demands he/she pays.
    Suggested by @Samuel