I don't have an extra 2 minutes to watch this intro when I binge watch all of season 3 (don't spoil it for me plz, I beg of you...also sorry if the theme changes by season 5, but I have my doubts that ever would happen)
  1. Think about how you're really far behind on the GOT game
    Not hip enough
  2. Think about everything disappointing in your life
  3. Think that stuff really can't be THAAT could be killed by a seemingly innocent stranger in the woods who then probably turns out to be a major character
  4. Make a pizza from scratch. The song will only be half way done when you get back
  5. Think about how much money they spent on this set
    everything is beautiful and the dragons probably cost at least a few hundred dollars
  6. Balance your checkbook
  7. Think about how many collective minutes tomorrow I will be hearing this theme song on my day off when I catch up to season 5
  8. Write and record the album for your friend's band
  9. Dress up, in full makeup, as your favorite character in preparation of watching the show
  10. Do 15 loads of laundry, with softener and bleach
  11. Run a 5k
  12. Literally anything
  13. It's so long
  14. Finish the fucking meal you planned to eat while watching the episode Game of Thrones
    Theme song is over? So is my foot long sub, side of chips, and fourth glass of water
    Suggested by   @sebastian
  15. Watch the cartoon about the animals
    It took me a long time to realize those bronze bands with all the animals on them symbolically recapitulate the story of Robert's Rebellion.
    Suggested by   @evanp