The best bars according to a broke 22 year old Bostonian who usually just drinks PBR and doesn't travel too far
  1. Penguin Pizza
    Because people can bring their babies in there and it's a great distraction when you are trying to avoid conversation with your actual friends. Also their pizza is delicious.
  2. Jillian's
    Technically "lucky strike." This place is never crowded but is always full. Perfect place to get a 10 dollar jäger bomb and awkwardly hit on the guys bowling multiple strings next to you. This isn't from experience..
  3. The Model
    Allston's finest establishment complete with a large plastic mounted swordfish and a simpsons's pinball machine—could you ask for more?
  4. Sissy K's
    Just kidding, never go here
  5. Biddy Earley's
    The nights never start out here but always end up here. That's when you know it's time to go home
  6. Flann O'Briens Irish Pub
    An awful atmosphere but it's close to my apartment and the beer is dirt cheap