Starting college I knew I would be homesick but there are so many random things I didn't expect I would be missing
  1. Showering without shoes.
    The first time I went home I didn't realize how much of a novelty this was and how freeing showering without a bit of plastic beside your big toe truly is.
  2. Bringing homework or my laptop to the bathroom.
    I didn't realize how often I did this at home when I figured I'd "be awhile" in the bathroom but man I miss it.
  3. The luxury of dishes and clothes appearing magically clean.
  4. Being able to walk to the kitchen and find real food at all hours.
    After the dining halls close and I'm too cheap and lazy to walk anywhere else I wish I could have real non snack food in close proximity again.
  5. Having open space to just lie around in.
    Never realized how big my house was and how nice flopping onto my leather couch truly was until I moved into my shoebox of a dorm
  6. Not having to climb into bed.
    Sleeping 5 feet in the air is definitely not my favorite thing about college, at all.
  7. Not having to explain everything to everyone.
    Having to give backstory about every aspect of my life when telling stories to my new and old friends is tedious and annoying at times.