1. Coffee
    Grande (have some sbux gift cards to 🔥) cafe au lait with soy and approximately all the chocolate powder from the milk station
  2. Breakfast
    Everything bagel toasted with butter. With an egg (always scrambled never fried), avocado and ketchup when I eat it sitting down instead of running to the train
  3. Sweetgreen
    Guacamole greens no onion is a major 🔑
  4. Pizza
    Light on red sauce, heavy hand on the cheese. Plain in New York, Deep dish with spinach and pepperoni when I'm in Chicago, always with basil from my moms herb garden
  5. Pie
    Mom's Apple at home, key lime from Wynn's in the Keys
  6. Cocktail
    1 part Dark rum + 1 part spicy ginger beer, squeeze of lime and mint. Mimosa if it's not noon yet or we're eating breakfast foods
  7. Cheese plate
    Trader joes pita bite crackers and raisin rosemary crackers, Manchengo, Camembert, honey to drizzle, some rosemary sprigs to make it look classy. No blue cheese allowed
  8. Ice cream
    Salty caramel and poached pear Riesling sorbet from Jeni's
  9. Bouquet
    Anything except baby's breath