1. Are you looking for an intern?
  2. Are you looking for a personal assistant?
  3. Are you single?
    I'm not asking for me.... Asking for Mindy
  4. Is Mindy in need of any new friends? Is she looking for an intern?
  5. Do you enjoy being constantly associated with Mindy?
    Yes, I'm saying Mindy as if I'm on a first name basis with her...
  6. Will you like this picture on Instagram?
  7. Can you explain in three words the way in which Michael would look at you?
  8. What did you think of your opener?
  9. Did you enjoy your dressing room?
    I spent 10 minutes cleaning it for you
  10. When did you realize you were funny?
  11. Harvard or University of Rochester?
  12. Can I have your banana that you didn't eat?
    Disclaimer: I already took it. I'm so sorry.
  13. Did you take those jokes out of the trash after the show?
    Not to recycle... But to reuse (the lesser known of the 3 R's lol)
  14. Are you a vegetarian?
  15. In your book, did that couple really outrun the rain? Did they really not get wet? @bjnovak
    I'm a little confused after reading this story