APUSH is the worst and so was my essay.
  1. A series of disconnected thoughts
  2. 5 minutes left are you kidding Nancy
  3. Declaration of Nonattendance (I'm dropping this class)
    Not actually. I wish.
  4. Partial credit is my friend?
    This is a thing my old math teacher used to say. It really only applies to math but one can dream.
  5. I plead the 8th.
    This is cruel and unusual punishment.
  6. Step 8 of this political cartoon
    It was a cartoon about the progress of a drunkard, step 8 was "Crime and Desperation"
  7. Step 9 of this political cartoon
    "Death by Suicide"
  8. Don't even add a title. Just staple a $20 bill to the front.
    Which actually makes total sense because we were studying Jackson.
  9. what. (A Bo Burnham comedy special)