1. Chillin' in Shambles
  2. Airport Bars Should Never Close, and Other Stories
  3. #NoMakeup: Why Some Successful Women Over 30 Piss Me Off
  4. "Are You Sure You're Okay?"
  5. "If You Aren't Going Scuba Diving Later You Don't Need That Waterproof Watch at This Bar", and Other Things I Wish I Had the Balls to Say
  6. "No Really, Are You Okay?" Part 2
  7. "My Name is Loudin, Loudin Swain", and Other Lies I've Told
  8. "I Used to Be the Young One and Now You're Here": Short Stories on Inappropriate Things People Have Said to Me at Work
  9. "Wow I've Never Seen Anyone Take a Handle Pull of Gin Before"