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  1. 5-9: Veterinarian
    I wanted to be a vet until a read an interview with Hilary Duff in a teen magazine where she said she too wanted to be a vet until she realized that you had to put sick animals down. As Hilary Duff was the authority of my nine-year old life, I then too decided being a vet was not for me.
  2. 10-12: Lawyer
    My parents always told me that I would make a good lawyer because I argued so much. I was too young to recognize this as an insult and for two years took my lawyering dreams very seriously.
  3. 13: Actress
    For a very brief period of time I thought I'd like to be an actress even though I had never acted before in my life and had crippling stage fright. I think I liked the idea of wearing pretty dresses to red carpet events more than anything.
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  1. Social Smoking
    One the rare occasion I do go out drinking, a few mentholated usually go up in smoke along with my dignity.
  2. Not Hanging Up My Clothes
    My bedroom floor is a sea of black jersey with sprinklings of grey and plaid. A true 'floordrobe'.
  3. Radio Chanel Surfing
    I always have one finger on the scan button. I refuse to listen to commercials, traffic updates, or Meghan Trainor. My car time is sacred.
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Because I really should start having an answer for when people ask me what I'm going to do once I'm done school.
  1. Maury
    Yes, as in the daytime television show host. He has to retire sometime...
  2. Lena Dunham's Personal Adorer
    Devoted, unwavering and loyal.
  3. Billy Eichner's Camera Man
    Think about it, you'd meet some pretty cool/crazy people, would constantly be laughing, and think about the weight you would lose running around after that lunatic. (And I say lunatic in the most flattering way possible. I worship that lunatic)
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  1. Our love for velvet knows no bounds.
    I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable. My ideal life, would be a life ensconced in velvet.
  2. We are both masters of the perfectly constructed lie.
    Remember, it's not a lie if you believe it.
  3. Our three favourite things are sex, food and television.
    And we will forever be found trying to combine the three.
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