1. Social Smoking
    One the rare occasion I do go out drinking, a few mentholated usually go up in smoke along with my dignity.
  2. Not Hanging Up My Clothes
    My bedroom floor is a sea of black jersey with sprinklings of grey and plaid. A true 'floordrobe'.
  3. Radio Chanel Surfing
    I always have one finger on the scan button. I refuse to listen to commercials, traffic updates, or Meghan Trainor. My car time is sacred.
  4. Procrastinating
    I need a due-in-six-hours kind of fire under my ass to get shit done.
  5. Buying Books, and Not Finishing Them
    I'm sorry American Psycho and Tarot Cards for Dummies, I'll finish you eventually.
  6. "Forgetting" to do the Dishes
    I don't really forget, I just hate doing the dishes.
  7. Sleeping Too Much
    But when people ask what I did on Sunday, I tell them I was catching up on school work, not sleeping for sixteen hours straight.
  8. Not Sleeping Enough
    Any day of the week, anytime of day, if I asked myself the question "Could I fall asleep right now?" The answer is almost always yes. (Unless it's 2am the day of a midterm, then forget it)
  9. Wearing the same pants for 5 days straight
    I'm not even sorry about this one. My Pink Clove black jersey peg-leg pants are the most comfortable piece of clothing to ever touch my body. If it wasn't for laundry day, I wouldn't wear anything else.
  10. Eating out
    I eat out way more than I should, and as a result my wallet and skinny jeans are crying