Here is my first list on this amazing new App:
  1. Laurie Anderson
    written papers about her post-modernism, at University, and studied her extensively. first performance I saw her live was Landfall at Royce Hall with the Kronos Quartet, truly one of the most amazing collaborations I've ever heard. ahead of her time politically, creatively and synthetically. She influences me every day.
  2. Reggie Watts
    El Cid, every Tuesday in Silverlake these days. My hood. Words cannot explain how transcendently hilarious he is. Comedy, music, lyrics, beats, socks, hiking boots, improvisation. I love him, and his hair.
  3. Jon Brion
    Largo shows. LA. Live video DJing and looping. Crowd song requests. Mallet playing. Enough said.
  4. Nina Simone
    Montreux jazz festival 1976. didn't originally include her, because I never got to see her live, but does addictive youtube watching of this performance count? Never seen a more truthful performer in my life.
  5. Danny Elfman
    Yes, he's my boss, never heard him live until our Elfman Burton show premiere in 2013 in London at Royal Albert Hall, and now touring the world. He rocks the house! Great voice, amazing performer, and man, he can write!
  6. I could keep going with others, but will keep it to 5. Next up: London Grammar: The Wiltern, with my brother. Hannah Reid's voice filled the entire space, and then probably Cilvil Wars...