I really love Christmas. Even when I feel I should be cynical, I can't do it in December.
  1. Fruit n Nut Drop Cookies
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    My mother always made these and now I always make them. They're made with cream cheese, Mom's most valued ingredient, and those candied cherries that only exist during the holiday season.
  2. White Christmas
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    That "Sisters" routine! Those dresses! Danny Kaye! Certainly, always a must-view for me...and often multiple times.
  3. Ceramic Trees
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    I just love these relics of the past. My small collection began with one my mother had for years.
  4. Gift Wrapping
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    I love to wrap packages. Every year, I pick out new paper and ribbons. There's nothing more exciting than watching people tear open packages on Christmas morning.
  5. Charlie Brown Christmas
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    When Linus stands up to recite, I always cry.
  6. The Andy Griffith Show - The Christmas Story
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    This is another one that makes me cry (it doesn't take much). I just love how merry everyone is inside the jailhouse...and Barney's "ho ho hos" are perfect.
  7. New Pajamas
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    We always got new pjs for Christmas...and I still treat myself to a new pair each year.
  8. The Nativity Scene
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    I'm not especially religious, but I really do love to put out the nativity. The one I have now was the one my mother always put out. It's really special to me.
  9. It's a Wonderful Life
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    I don't care if it's become a cliche. I love it desperately and it never fails to move me. It was the first black and white film I ever watched and I will love it until the day I die.
  10. Love
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    I get to see more people that I love at Christmas than any other time of year. That always makes me happy.