1. The Apartment
    I've never loved Jack Lemmon more. This one really taps into the darker emotional side of the holidays.
  2. Die Hard
    It's practically a cliche now, but I still love it. And the sequel, too. Once, I dropped a friend at Dulles at Christmastime and felt suddenly like John McClane.
  3. Black Christmas
    The original, of course. Truly one of the only films that scares me every time I watch it. And, sometimes it's nice to break up all the joy with a little terror!
  4. In the Good Old Summertime
    Despite the title, this one is certainly a holiday movie. Plus, Judy Garland is my all-time favorite of all time. I mean, just check my next item...
  5. Meet Me in St Louis
    Technically, this one would be good any time, as it covers one year in the life of the Smith family, but Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas secures this one's spot on my holiday watchlist.